Our Ambition

Our objective is to work very closely with a small number of select clients, ensuring that we deliver a personal service of the highest quality.

LS2 and LS2X are built from the same components, assembled differently to address two distinct market sectors.

With a core NOSQL database and unique architecture, the systems allow an extreme level of agility and flexibility. The only limitation therefore is imagination, whilst our clients begin to understand the completely unrestrained possibilities.

Vince Baczor

Vince started LeaseSolution in 2012, having previously founded and managed a competitive leasing business for 20 years.

His main focus over the past 14 years has been guiding the development of leasing systems, through applying his invaluable hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of this specialist subject accrued over several decades.

Kanasan Ramalingam

Kanasan has been the technical expert for LS2 since 2013, continually demonstrating a level of commitment, perfectionism and pride that is rarely found in this field. He leads our Development Team day-to-day, ensuring that standards of excellence are always maintained. His broad experience has built up from previously working with large multinational organisations, including Intel, and is continually enhanced by his hunger for the latest and most innovative techniques.

The Development Team

The vast majority of the members of our Development Team have worked exclusively on LS2 for at least 4 years and are very much masters of their craft. They know the system throughout, and most importantly, have a deep understanding of the leasing business.